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Realizing "the Joy and Freedom of Mobility" and "a Sustainable Society where People Can Enjoy Life"
Blue Skies for our Children
Honda engineers who took on the challenge to meet the stringent new emissions standards of the 1970s U.S. Clean Air Act, used the phrase “blue skies for our children” as a passionate rallying cry to devote themselves to this effort. Honda wants to pass on the “joy and freedom of mobility to the next generation” (for our children), therefore, we want to realize a sustainable society where people can enjoy life (blue skies). This slogan continues to represent Honda’s passion toward its environmental commitment which has not wavered and will remain resolute in the future.

Honda has developed a new V-twin engine with enhanced environmental performance, including excellent fuel efficiency and low emissions. The new engine is based on the technology used in the GX Engine series, which are large general-purpose engines sold as power units for construction machinery and other types of machinery. In May 2009, six models went on sale in the United States, including three from the GX Series (GX690, GX660, GX630) and three from the GXV Series (GXV690, GXV660, GXV630).


Although air-cooled, the new V-twin engine has an extremely efficient cooling structure. Other original enhancements introduced by Honda include improved fuel-combustion and friction-reduction technology. The result is an increase in power, combined with enhanced fuel efficiency and low emissions. Without using catalysts, Honda has developed an engine that meets the Tier 3 emission standard of the California Air Resources Board (CARB), which is the most stringent in the United States. Engine noise, including cooling fan noise and exhaust noise, has also been reduced.

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