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Why choose a Honda?

There are many reasons to insist on genuine Honda engines. Reasons like less down time. Lower costs of ownership. Better performance. And a whole lot more:

Experience counts

As the world's largest engine manufacturer, Honda has more engine experience than anyone. Experience born on racetracks and roadways around the globe. Experience that keeps us on the cutting edge of engine performance technology. We've got a well-earned reputation for our engine quality and performance. When you choose a Honda engine, or a product powered by Honda, you know what you're getting. An engine you can count on, now and in the future.

Honda Australia Approved

Not only are you getting legendary Honda reliability, all Honda engines with the Honda Australia Approved Shield have been 'matched' specifically to it's product to make sure it's the right Honda engine in the right product that it will contunue to perform day in and day out for you. Most importantly it is designed and tested to function in the harsh Australian environment!

Superior performance

Better fuel efficiency. Higher power output. Quieter performance. Easier to use. No matter how you define superior engine performance, Honda engines set the standard. What's our secret? Best in class engineering and technology. From our amazingly compact mini 4-stroke engines to the intelligent power of our iGX series, Honda engines are truly built like no other.

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Superior reliability and quality. Guaranteed

Honda sets the standard for reliable, hard-working engines. Our engines are built with high-quality components designed for optimum performance in the harshest environments. But don't just take our word for it. Honda stands behind our engines with an industry-leading year commercial warranty on all GX engines.

Or ask a Honda engine owner. Next time you see a tradies ute, pass by a construction site, or visit a farm you'll probably see a Honda GX engine-powered piece of equipment. Stop and ask them what they think of the Honda engine. Chances are they'll tell you they wouldn't use anything else.

Legendary easy starting

Honda engines are renowned for being easy to start, day after day, year after year. From our unique automatic mechanical decompression system to heavy duty recoil ropes to more advanced variable ignition timing, our engines are designed with quick, easy starts in mind.

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Environmental focus

Honda engines are 100% compliant with Australian engineering and environmental standards. In fact, most Honda engines meet the strictest world standards including EPA standards and the very strict CARB tier 3 Standards.

Australia wide parts and service support

Honda understands the importance of getting you back to work quickly. Honda has a vast nationwide support network of over 400 dealers. From parts to service, Honda servicing dealers are there to assist you whenever and wherever you need it.

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The superior choice for manufacturers

Hundreds of OEMs trust Honda to power their products for instant credibility.

Honda Australia Approved Honda Australia Approved Warranty

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Why choose a Honda?

Reliability, Ease of Use and Fuel Efficiency. These are just some of the reasons to choose a Honda, take a look at the complete list.

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