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Country Victorian company Whitlands Engineering have for the last twelve years been manufacturing and supplying their range of Superaxe Woodsplitters in Australia and exporting them to New Zealand. They believe their Woodsplitters offer the fastest and safest solution for handling the difficult task of wood splitting. With more than 2300 units produced, the Superaxe Woodsplitter has earned a reputation for being efficient, reliable, easy to operate and very productive.

They manufacture a full range of firewood splitting machinery, catering for large commercial operations with their Super Rex & Raptor Firewood processors. These machines can produce in excess of 100 cubic meters of split firewood per day. The Superaxe WS450 & WS400 are also widely used for commercial wood splitting operations, are road towable and have optional log lifters & loading elevators. The WS300 is widely used in the Hire & Rental industry and the WS250 is designed for use on the farm and by lifestyle property owners, either as a self powered model or powered from tractor remotes.

A new machine introduced in 2007 is the WS100 ‘Aussie Chopper’ designed for the domestic market and lifestyle property owner and offers a quality product, designed to do the job without compromise and at an affordable price. The Aussie Chopper is a verticle operation and comes with a bench height work table for ease of use and operator comfort.

The team at Superaxe have ensured that all components used are locally sourced and of the highest quality. For example, the hydraulic components, (rams, hoses & fittings etc) are manufactured in Australia and have full manufacturers back up on repairs and parts replacement.

Whitlands Engineering offer Honda engines to power the Superaxe Woodsplitters, ranging from the GX160 (5.5hp) through to the V twin GX610(18hp), these engines have always proven to be reliable and efficient.

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