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Tas Chainsaws and mowers opened it's doors at 210 Wellington St. Launceston in August 1994. The director and manager of the business Gerald Van Asperen started his apprenticeship in a small store in Launceston called Youngtown Chainsaws and Mowers.

After the death of the proprietor, Gerald together with his sister decided on a new business venture. This is when Tas Chainsaws opened its doors in 1994. Tas Chainsaws was always a well known name in the world of chainsaws, with Karl Goiser having the Stihl dealership for many years previously. He closed the doors after he went into retirement. Others tried to start a chainsaw shop in the same buildings several times without success. Gerald and his sister opened Tas Chainsaws in 1994 and the business still operates successfully.

Today, Tas Chainsaws and Mowers is still run by Gerald Van Asperen. He manages the business and works with 2 experienced staff to provide a professional and wide range of services.

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