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Christie Engineering Pty. Ltd, a family owned business, has been operating for 2l years. Over the years, we have used Honda engines exclusively, on all our products.

Our product range includes specialised hydraulic machinery powered by Honda engines, such as hydraulic soil sampling machines, mainly for government departments, agriculture industry and environmental research. Christie Engineering has also used Honda Engines to make specialised power units for the diving industry, concrete cutting, and various government departments and councils.

As our family has a love of camping and fishing in remote places, we found it difficult to keep our batteries charged which run our l2 volt car fridges. The closest generator we could find was the discontinued Honda EXD400, l2 volt generator.

We then decided to make our own battery charger, and were very lucky that at the time Honda Australia had just received its first sample of the GXH5O engine, which was found to be ideal for our application. After twelve months of research & development we launched the product in May 2000 and have now manufactured over 300 units.

This product has been found to be extremely rugged and reliable and can be used for a wide variety of applications.
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