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Christie Engineering Pty. Ltd, a family owned business, has been operating for 2l years. Over the years, we have used Honda engines exclusively, on all our products.

Our product range includes specialised hydraulic machinery powered by Honda engines, such as hydraulic soil sampling machines, mainly for government departments, agriculture industry and environmental research. Christie Engineering has also used Honda Engines to make specialised power units for the diving industry, concrete cutting, and various government departments and councils.

• Christie Engineering custom built auger drill rig with 1.8M or 3.1M stroke linear guided chain driven mast, approx. 3000kg extraction force with planetary gearbox driven chain feed using 1 inch pitch duplex roller drive chain.
• Tilting mast to fold down the rig when in transit with a pivot point designed with minimal rear overhang, over centre valve and flow restrictors installed for safety.
• Planetary drive hydraulic drill head, approx. 1000NM @ 100RPM with 2 inch round output shaft with 90 deg universal joint sub adapter included 2” – 1 1/8 Hex.
• Adjustable hydraulic pressure control to limit the down force on the feed so the vehicle will not be raised up whilst drilling.
• Pressure gauge on control panel for calculating either auger torque or feed pressure.
• 60L hydraulic reservoir with sight level indicator, spin on oil filter cartridge and separate suction strainers.
• GX690 Honda electric start petrol engine with direct drive twin hydraulic pump arrangement for dual function control without slowing auger rotation.
• 2 rear Heavy duty custom stabilizer cylinders with larger chrome rods for raising the rear of the vehicle or trailer with mounting clamps fixed to a 180 c channel (to be custom fitted into the frame of a trailer or vehicle tray)
• Hour meter included on Honda engine.
• 25 litre stainless steel fuel tank.
• Hydraulic hose shielding installed at wear points
• Safety cage
• Lifeguard hydraulic hose burst protection
• Auger flights @ 1.5m length
• Tungsten cutting tips
• Approved fuel containers
• Heavy duty tandem box trailer
• Extra front hydraulic outrigger leg
• Atlas copco hammer and dual function head for undisturbed push sampling
• Auger racks.
• Custom trays to fit drill rigs – mine spec available.
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