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Westair Compressors is a 100% Australian owned company specialising in heavy-duty air compressors for all home, industrial and agricultural applications. With a full range of petrol, diesel, single phase, 3 phase, 480 volt and 12 / 24 volt compressors, Westair has the product to suit your requirements

Our long association with Honda has seen us develop a full range of Honda powered compressors ranging from portable 13.7CFM units powered by the 5.5hp GX160 to stationary 70CFM machines run by the 20hp GX620.

All Westair petrol compressors are fitted with auto idle valves and slow revving cast iron V and triple cylinder pumps for increased efficiency and longer life.

We have an extensive dealer network extending across the country. Specialist technical and support staff are always available at Westair for technical and sales advice.

As a founding member of the Compressed Air Association of Australasia (CAAA) we are committed to providing high quality products with true output ratings to ensure our customers get what they pay for.
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