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As far as we know, this is the largest & most comprehensive specific website for tools & related equipment currently on the Internet anywhere on Earth!!

An enormous amount of time, effort & money has been invested in order to create this stunning new website. As you will soon find, our website contains a huge amount of in-depth tool reviews, a massive selection of tools to buy, fascinating editorials plus important information & trade based wisdom never before seen on one site specifically dedicated to tools. We are also quite proud to tell you that this entire enterprise has been put together here in Australia, the great majority of which has been compiled & written on Queensland’s Gold Coast.

TradeToolsDirect.com really is a no-nonsense tool specific website aimed at all who have a genuine interest in industrial tools together with all of the related equipment, accessories, consumables & tradesmen's tricks that this encompasses. We offer unprecedented access to tool stores, special offers, newly released products, relevant books, & a wealth of other relevant information to everyone that buys, sells, manufactures or simply has an interest in tools.
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