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Toolex is a 100% Australian owned manufacturing company and is sold through many distributions, including Gasweld Discount Tool Centre.

We pride ourselves on our reputation for supplying quality and value for money products across Australia, so it is only natural that we have paired up with Honda to bring you a wide range of genuine Honda petrol powered products that include:

• Air Compressors

• Generators

• Pumps- both “transferral” and “Fire Fighting” models

• Plate Compactors

• Concrete Vibrators

• Brick saws

• Concrete Mixers

• Pressure Washers

All our Honda Powered products are assembled in Australia and are made by our expert Toolex team.

Our Generators have less than 6% total harmonic distortion (THD) as opposed to some other units on the market that can have up to 25% THD, this specification assures the user of good clean power that is suitable to all applications.

We supply an extensive range of Toolex Generators and Compressors which cover the smaller 5.5 Horse-powered units right up to the industrial 13 Horse-powered models, we provide a model for every requirement- from the home to the worksite.

Our Honda powered pump range caters for both transferral uses as well as fire fighting applications for the farm and/or around the home, with optional high pressure nozzles and strainers, you’ll feel prepared for the worst with these reliable and sturdy models.

Shown here is our versatile Welder/Generator, with a 13 Horse-powered, 7 KVA and 240 volt Honda engine, this model is perfect for on site location welding and gives a 200 amp welding capacity.

All of our Genuine Honda products are reliable, quality products that will make the difference on the job.

Dealer enquiries welcome.

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