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Honda Australia Approved

Honda Australia Approved

Honda is excited to release the ‘Honda Australia Approved’ program.

Whilst the ‘Green and Gold Approved’ program has been successful in promoting local manufacturers that build quality ‘Powered by Honda’products, we felt that it was time to re-energise the program with some new initiatives.

When you see the ‘Honda Australia Approved' shield on an Origional Equipment Manufacturers product, you know you're getting a product that is:

Powered by a genuine Honda engine

Honda is the world's largest and most trusted engine manufacturer - it's only natural that other companies will try to copy its product. The result of this is usually dangerous and unreliable products, warranty issues and an angry customers. 'Honda Australia Approved' gives you that added comfort of knowing exactly what you're getting.

Tested, Approved and Backed by Honda Australia

Every engine that sports the Honda Australia Approved Shield has been 'matched' specifically to its product to make sure it's the right Honda engine for the job the product has been designed to do. Honda ensure that they send their own engineers to rigorously test the engine in the product itself – using the equipment just like it would be used in day-to-day, real world applications.

Covered by Honda Australia's Warranty*

All Honda Australia engines are backed with a dependable warranty. This ensures peace of mind, knowing that you can depend on your Honda engine, day in and day out.

Built in Australia for Australian Conditions

It's no surprise that Australian conditions are someone of the harshest in the world. That's why Honda make sure the engine on your product will withstand these conditions, be it heavy rain, unrelenting heat or intolerable dust storms during severe drought. You can be sure that whatever the situation, Honda Australia has it covered. Honda Australia Approved products are developed and and built by local manufacturers, and tested by Honda Australia to cope with these harsh conditions.

Equipped with an engine that is compliant with Australian engineering and environmental standards

All Honda engines in Honda Australia Approved products are 100% compliant with Australian engineering and environmental standards. In fact, most Honda engines meet the strictest world standards including EPA standards and the very strict CARB tier 3 standards. Further to this, we make sure that every product with the Honda Australia Approved Shield operates safely – and that all appropriate safety and warning labels are on the product and easily seen.

Bottom line: Honda is committed to Australian companies making quality products, and committed to telling customers about the benefits of choosing ‘Honda Australia Approvedd' products.

This commitment is demonstrated through ‘Honda Australia Approved'.

*Terms and Conditions at: http://poweredby.honda.com.au/Warranty

Honda Australia Approved Honda Australia Approved Warranty

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