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BRICKSTORM is a supplier of high quality, heavy duty portable cement mixers, wheelbarrows, and other builder's equipment focused on the trade market. Many products on the market recently are getting cheaper and the quality is getting worse. BRICKSTORM aims to reverse this trend. We listen to our customers suggestions, and because of this, our products evolve rapidly with the introduction of new features and improved designs.

We pay particular attention to assembly quality. We understand that any shortcuts in either design or assembly will cost you money in lost time, and cost us money with warranty claims. Because of this understanding, we build our products as though our business depends on it! (It does!)

All of our products are designed and assembled in Australia from local and imported components and our business is 100% Australian owned and operated since 2003 so our profits stay in Australia.

Inside this website you will find information about all of our products and where to buy them, or you can order them right here on this website. You can buy at retail or wholesale prices depending on order quantities and your individual situation.

Please take a look around the website by clicking on any of the top row of tabs. The second row of tabs will change to give you more options and allow you to shop online using the familiar 'shopping cart' connected to paypal for secure online payments.
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